Canada's brave resistance versus America's giant killer robots


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“In the 6-part series the United States attacks and occupies Canada without warning in the year 2112.”

Lol. Class act.


This should do really well with all the annexation fearing Canadians. In the four years I lived in Canada, nothing surprised me more than the frequent and serious conversations of Canadian fears that the US wants to annex them. It is like all those Texans who seriously think that closed WalMarts in Texas are detention centers (or something) in Jade Helm. Wackos are everywhere.


I’ve been living in Canada for close to 15 years and have not once heard that fear. Of course, maybe the true resistors are just keeping quiet around me since they know my true allegiance.


It’s not so much “annexation” as it is “freedom to pay for the healthcare of your choice.”



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This premise/story sounds fascinating to me!

(Full disclosure: I’m an American and I swear I know nothing of a plot to annex Canada, I swear really, I don’t!)


The resistors are quiet around me too.


“As a class, science fiction writers imagine some huge slice of all
possible futures, and then readers and publishers select from among
these futures based on which ones chime with their anxieties and hopes.”


True, they lack the capacity.


Maybe they could be induced to some action…


Well, we do seem to never have enough space for parking… Annexing Canadia would alleviate the problem for a while.




Maybe. But the ones in charge are in quite insulated positions, there would have to be some breakdown of the existing order to get them transformed into something.


The premise that the US invades to get Canada’s water sounds a lot like the plot to H2O. There’s a sequel where the former Canadian prime minister is elected president, but that which strikes me as weird and unlikely (“You can’t vote for him. He ain’t American!”), but fun.


Seems reasonable to me. Anybody that would annex Texas would take anything.


Never underestimate the raging stupidity of a big centralized government. Whether it is DC or Brussels.


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Oddly I could not find this on or a couple of Canadian comic book retailer site. However I am using my phone which is never 100% happy with websites