The US sics its robot drone army on Canada’s water supply in "We Stand on Guard"


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Alright. ROBOT DOG!

Put to Gir animations, because, why not?


HOLY SHIT - I just found out MC Chris will be in KC tomorrow! Glad I checked it out.


That could be bad. There’s no way Laura Secord could distract them with her delicious chocolates (if I’m remembering my grade eight history classes correctly).



I bought it back then, and it’s very good.

I didn’t care for the ending, but I understood why they chose to end it the way that they did.


While I’m sure it’s a great book; I can’t agree with the premise. Not that the USA wouldn’t commit a false-flag operation against Canada with a massive army of robot drones, but that it’d be over water.

Israel has proven that desalinization works on a large scale, so water wars are no longer a plausible techno-futurist issue.


Well…great to know that there will be absolutely no water problems in our future!


Canada responds by sending the US its funniest comedians. America is brought to its knees one week later.


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