Canadian lawmakers to be given mobile panic buttons for when right-wing goons come to kill them

Originally published at: Canadian lawmakers to be given mobile panic buttons for when right-wing goons come to kill them | Boing Boing


“…that is seen in the United States,” he implied.


Shit. We’re contagious.


Good that they’re getting ahead of the situation. Canada isn’t as far gone with the death-cult prion disease as the U.S. but they still have plenty of Qnuts. For example, there’s this rubbish version of Emperor Norton:

Also, I’m sure this measure is related to the return of these fascist and white supremacist arseholes to Canada’s capital.


Lefty anger : Spray paint and graffitti, mass protest that turns riot-y, broken windows and smashed up cars.

Righty anger : Guns. Just that… the forever answer to any intellectual argument. More guns!


Let’s hope the people responding to those panic buttons are more reliably on the side of the law than our very own DC Capitol Police chief.

“Look, just because people are charging at you with bats doesn’t mean they intend to harm you! Maybe they’re just enthusiastic Washington Nationals fans!”


Yeah - thanks USA!!!

In all seriousness - I don’t think people in the States realize/care the extent American culture permeates the countries on either border.

In my home province of Alberta - it’s now commonplace to see Don’t Tread, Thin Blue Line, etc bumper stickers on cars - something that was obviously not a thing 5 years ago.

We are also seeing American-style polarization - from themes of secession from the rest of the country (ala Texas), to F Justin Trudeau (analogue of FJB/LGB).

I long for the days when we just got all your TV, movies, rap music etc. Those were simpler, kinder days.


Yah, Alberta has been getting really dark these days. We used to get mostly the best of US culture. Now we’re getting all the worst of it. :confused:


There’s been a SovCit fringe for a while. The convoy types are expanding on it.


Problem solved, nothing to worry about./s


SovCits in Canada make even less sense since we didn’t completely separate from the British empire. Claimed edge cases around that separation are what their whole kooky religion is based on. :woman_facepalming:

It’s also weird to see Gadsden flags in Canada (which as @CongenitalOptimist pointed out we do see sometimes now). The entire history and meaning of that flag has nothing to do with Canada. Even the made-up version of the history of that flag that Qnuts use doesn’t map to Canadian history in any way.

There are so many layers of nonsensical mush here that I need to step away and rest my brain.


Seems like a good time to remind people we never found out who removed the panic buttons from some D’s offices prior to 1/6.


So many of the QAnon people in Canada adopt Americanisms, “We the people”, the Gadsden flag, the American and Confederate flags. It’s infuriating.


Is there more to that article other than the headline. Like “At the time”? Given what happened, in hindsight, it is hella suspicious. Clearly they were casing the joint. Though I could see it not raising an alarm at the time.

And I would be willing to give Loudermilk the benefit of the doubt where he had no idea at all what they were doing at the time. If he had said something like: “I didn’t think anything of it at the time. I didn’t even really notice or have it register that they were taking pics of mundane staircase. But in hindsight it was clear they were using the access I granted them as a form of reconnaissance.”

He could have spun it that way, played the victim, and created plausible deniability.

Instead, he is lying for them and making excuses. Clearly he knew it was more than just people interested in touring the Capital.


Carefully cherry-picked photo of a peaceful protestor, but she’s wearing a DeSantis cap. WTF?


Star Wars Dummy GIF by MOODMAN


The letter from Manger (Cap Police chief) saying nothing was out of the ordinary was written on June 13, after he (or someone on the force) had watched the footage. That seems like a pretty willful disregard for what the video showed…


Nah… any modern state is going to have its own far right wing… Now, we probably did empower some of them, but they’ve always been there, around the world. There does seem to be some Americanism creeping in (as others here noted), but that’s less of them being duped into doing so, and more of them embracing imagery and ideas that shows a sense of solidarity with others in their “movement”.

A white power transnational movement isn’t remotely new. It is pretty much anywhere white people are, and has been for a long time…


And, as we in America know, summoning the police fixes everything.


Never underestimate the power of scared little boys.