Canadian lawmakers to be given mobile panic buttons for when right-wing goons come to kill them

@Mindysan33 , you’re either more optimistic than I am or more pessimistic. I can’t figure it out. :thinking: :wink:

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In general, I’m saying that while there is clearly Canadians who are taking up language from the American far right, a globalized far right movement isn’t really new, nor strictly driven by the US. It really came with colonial globalization. Part of sharing the language across national borders is about them having a sense of solidarity, not them being ignorant of the origins of things (which they may or may not be).

I don’t think it’s about being optimistic or pessimistic, but about laying out the facts of what’s happening with these interconnected movements.


It doesn’t look like the buildings from the L continue to the R. The only continuing factor is the snow.
Sloppy cut and paste?


“The gun is good. The penis is evil.”


No attempt to cut and paste at all. Picture of militarized SWAT team on the left, most non-threatening image they could find on the right.

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So do we know which plutocrats are funding this Canadian mobilization?


Wasn’t suspicious… at the time 20/20 hindsight paints a different picture.

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