Canadian stereotype foils bank robbery


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Of course they did.




I wonder.


Canadian stereotype foils bank robbery

I was hoping for something along these lines.



Yep, that’s happening too. But the backlash comes largely from the fact that so many of us put a lot of truck in Tim Hortons as part of our daily lives. The company is a part of the fabric of our country. Seeing owners of the individual outlets and the company as a whole act as they have been recently has gotten our backs up.

That said, I’ve been in Texas for the past few months and would kill for a cup of Tim’s coffee.


Nah, we sold the Mounties to Disney. (I think they’re going to be in the next Star Wars movie.)


FTFY Richibuctoe Richibucto, New Brunswick


“RCMP spokesperson Sgt. Patrick Tardif stated that the pair were apprehended without any injuries…”

Okay. That sounds Canadian, to me.

“… sadly, without their being able to order anything to eat or drink.”

That doesn’t sound Canadian.


In light of

the implied bondage and bestiality are SO not Canadian.


They have police brutality in Canada too?


As I understand it, if someone holding a cup of Tim’s was to intrude upon your land, that would be entirely legal.


A double-double is an In-N-Out two patty cheeseburger,

Fight me.


I do not think that’s the sword you want to fall on. We’re a little… particular about what a “regular” or “double-double” coffee is up here.


“except”, not “expect”.



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