🍁 Canadians go vote 🍁

It’s voting day. (Unless you did an advanced poll) So go and vote.


Only one party bothered to phone, or leave a card, I am surprised. I thought I’d have a ride to vote, but that’s not going to happen and I’m still pretty immobile. The party that left the card offered a drive. Doesn’t seem right to ask then if I’m voting for a different party.

But I do wonder if other parties are offering rides today. I imagine one obvious one would show up on a tandem bike (I’m being vague to avoid mentioning specific parties).

But yes, β€œvote early [and vote often]” . Maddison Yetman of Winnipeg has terminal cancer and all she wants is that people vote. She did, her first time voting since she’s just 18. Even Cindy Blackstock retweeted about her.


Does not hurt to ask. Unless the tandem bike is going to cause you pain.

Absentee voting was surprisingly straightforward.

These folks have been moderately successful at predicting Canadian election outcomes for anyone interested:

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