How to vote strategically in the Ontario election

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I honestly think the last time I voted for something, rather than to block some horrible jerk, was for Toronto Mayor David Miller.


It happened in Alberta, it can happen anywhere!



It has happened in Ontario too; Bob Rae, and then the nightmare of the Mike Harris years as a backlash, and we still haven’t recovered from that.

I wonder if people living in Buttcrack, Ontario realize that a vote for Doug Ford is a vote for him to take money from them to fund new SUBWAYS! SUBWAYS! SUBWAYS! in Toronto?

Strategic voting based on previous election results is quackery. Even riding-by-riding polls aren’t really that reliable. The thing is, you’ve got this biological machine in your head that is built to make predictions about the future. If you care enough about politics to vote strategically, I’m not convinced that, on average, a supposed expert’s numbers are going to be better than your own heuristics for figuring out the community you live in.

But this election it’s mostly pretty easy. It’s a two-way race. Unfortunately I, like many Ontarians, don’t really even get a vote in that race. First past the post means that more than half of Ontarians have virtually no chance of changing the outcome even their own riding.

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