Poster campaign: Anyone but Rob Ford for Mayor


As hilarious as this is, it also highlights a kind of serious problem - “anyone but Rob Ford” is a noble goal, but a pretty easy vote to split, no?


Settle on the candidate who most clearly remembers smoking crack. Debates will consist of these detailed descriptions.


Marion Barry probably feels vindicated.

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I find the “LIES AND MISLEADING RESULTS” section of website to be kind of surprising. I’d expect a man who is reckless enough to repeatedly get wasted and act badly in public to have made much more blatantly false or misleading claims available to debunk than the ones described on that site, almost all of which are debunked in a VERY nitpicky manner.

Worse, in their attempt to make themselves sound fair, the authors of the website make Ford sound like someone who exaggerates a little but has actually produced strong growth and exercised real fiscal restraint.

Full disclosure: I know NOTHING about Rob Ford except what I read on boingboing.

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Well the Anybody But Bush vote was split pretty badly.

Be careful what you wish for.

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If all the elections I have witnessed so far in my life have taught me anything, it´s that it is far from impossible that people will re-elect Rob Ford as Mayor of Toronto.


I’m reminded of the “vote for the crook, it’s important” bumper stickers in Louisiana when David Duke ran for governor.
(the crook was former Governor Edwin Edwards)


The simplest system I can come up with would allow you to vote for any number of people on the ballot paper. That way, you can got for the ones that don’t make you particularly sick, without splitting your vote.

It would be more satisfying to be able to vote against people, and give them a negative poll rating. The easiest scheme I can come up with just now is to count the number of votes for candidate A, and then subtract the smallest number of votes for a candidate who is not A; as the votes could be re-arranged into this many sets of ‘anyone but A’. Okay, this does not work when you have two equally hated candidates, but I am sure we could some up with something.

These joke ads remind me so much of the real bumper stickers that were on cars in New Orleans when Edwin Edwards (“the crook”) was up against David Duke (“KKK Grand Wizard”)

Story here of the race:

I’ve idly considered putting out fake campaign signs for Rob Ford highlighting his new slogan: One set of rules for me, another set for everybody else.

Just pictures, with faux-quotes (that highlight his real actions and attitudes) above that slogan:

“If you showed up to work late all the time, you should be fired. If I do it? Hey, I’m not perfect!”

“Distracted driving is a crime. Unless of course, you’re the mayor.”

“Important to me? It’s a worthwhile use of tax dollars… Important to anybody else? It’s gravy that needs to be cut.”

“I don’t condone gang members or drug dealers… except when they’re selling me crack.”

I probably won’t do it, owing to my laziness though.

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