Cancer patient receives 3D printed titanium ribs and sternum


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Now that’s COOL!


I’mma tell myself this is the iPhone 9, and you can’t stop me.



Adamantium of or GTFO

edit = duh


retractable claws as an optional add on!


Mmm - the question now is - when the machines rise up, which side will they be on?


For his sake, I do hope his heart is in excellent condition. CPR will be unpossible.


Will they flex enough so they don’t interfere with breathing?

I have a fairly large titanium plate on my larynx due to a fracture - not so flexible there…they keep you awake through the surgery.


metal as fuck


To the MAX, dude.


Gee whiz! What will they think of next?


Could be that’s why the rods connecting the sternum and the clamps at the ends are rather small in diameter, to allow it to flex. Titanium is pretty flexible compared to steel.

Being awake through surgery sounds scary! Much rather be sedated at the very least.


You’re usually awake during cataract surgery. You are a little doped up, per my mother, and don’t really care/notice that the surgeon is slicing into your eye.

But I really came here to say that I hope the rods are flexible. If they’re too stiff, your bones will eventually wither away, no?


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