Capitol riot's "bullhorn lady" taken into custody

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i wish people would stop calling it a riot. it wasn’t just a riot, it was more than that – it was clearly an insurrection. calling it a riot downplays that part.


She’s a “single mother of eight” but not one news service will call her morals into question because she’s white.



Powell is of special concern to federal investigators because if she had that knowledge, it could indicate the assault was pre-planned.

Um, what? It was openly pre-planned on public social media. What is this reporter even talking about? They had merch FFS.


I would guess they’d like to tie the operational details planning to members of Congress. If they can get a co-conspirator to finger the ones with direct involvement rather than through social media posts and through cutouts, it makes it more likely that they can get charges to stick.


Someone please tell me they are making a “Capitol Insurrectionists” trading card set.


I can’t imagine the FBI making something like these to help average citizens spot traitors to our country, but I don’t think I’d be 100% against it.


We should hang the ringleaders and financiers, 10-20 years for the rest. They were an insurrectionist mob intent on murder, not boomers taking selfies.

Faces of the Riot


Or better yet a Trump Presidency board game - in the style of monopoly. “Go to Jail, go directly to jail, do not pass go, do not collect pension”


There’s a difference between pre-planning a demonstration, which it is obvious they did, and pre-planning an insurrection, which I think they did but don’t know they did (yet).

Dude. You don’t show up to a demonstration with flexi-cuffs. I’ve been to plenty of protests, and if someone had shows up with body armor and flexi-cuffs, they are going to get shown out or beat down.

Some of the Trumpsurrectionists definitely were planning for insurrection. Between the flexi-cuffs, floorplans for the building (including knowledge of where key targets like Pence, Pelosi, and AOC were going to be), and the group of ex-military in body armor that moved in formation together through the chaotic crowd, yeah, that was all pre-planned and even practiced.


And their possession and use of ham radio walkie talkies for coms at the insurrection was so blatant that the FCC issued a warning essentially saying that using ham radios to coordinate an insurrection is a Federal crime.


The insurrection part had merch. We’ve seen the threads from Parler where they planned an attack. Do you bring zip ties, pipe bombs, and Civil War Jan 6 shirts to a “demonstration”? If so, you must be fun at parties.

My point was that that CBS reporter didn’t seem to be very knowledgeable about the situation they are reporting on. They wrote as though it’s all a grand mystery whether the attack was planned.


Powell is of special concern to federal investigators because if she had that knowledge, it could indicate the assault was pre-planned.

When she says she’s been in that other room, I wonder if she means on one of the highly unusual group tours that some members gave to constituents in the days preceding. Surely Capitol security-cam footage could reveal some familiar faces on those tours.

Wouldn’t evidence of conspiracy increase the charge & the penalties?


Right? People really need to stop downplaying what happened on the 6th. It could have been a much worse bloodbath than it actually was. And while there were certainly people who did come for the “demonstration” and got swept up in the insurrection, there were certainly more than enough people there who had plans to make this or something like it go down and we know that, because as you note, they were planning this out in the open.


Oh, yeah, that’s some bullshit and you are right to point it out!


Not even photoshopped. I can tell by the pixels.

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