Cappuccino in a bell pepper


“Don’t knock this bell jar until you’ve tried it”

Sure…tell that to Sylvia Plath. (too soon?)


So now we know the (or just a?) bitter-sweet perfect balance authority. If I could remember the name of a salt-sour perfect balance authority will I be able to pair them up to get salt-sweet, salt-bitter, sweet-sour and bitter-sour perfect balance authorities or do I need more authorities?

Whaddya mean- umami?

Whaddya mean - that tongue taste area map doodah has been discredited?

The tongue map may be discredited, but are you suggesting that we don’t taste bitter and sweet, or the other flavors you mentioned?

Nope. Since I took my 4/5 archetypal flavours from that standard map, I mentioned it only to save time.

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