Captain America shirt with giant shield on the back


My son would love this. Its too late for Christmas but I will keep it in mind for his birthday in March.

(not sure I would want a target on my back though)

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Kinda silly to go through all that trouble to put a target back there and not follow through and put a real shield under it.

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I see your shield, and raise you one red cape:

It’s only a giant shield if you have a giant back, technically.

My cousin posted something about walking down the street in a salon cape and some stuff in her hair and getting stopped by people or something.

I told her the only right way to go down a street with a cape on was with one first out front making a wooshing sound as you run by.


Shield or Bullseye?

I’d be more impressed if the belt and shoulder harness continued around to the back too.

and an unintentional, i’m sure, erect penis shadow.

Is that why the original article is now gone?

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