Captured: a book of prison inmate drawings of CEOs and other too-big-to-jail criminals

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“Jeff Greenspan and Andrew Tider are two artists who spent more than a year working with prisoners to identify CEOs who presided over terrible crimes without any personal penalties, and paired convicts with CEOs, commissioning portraits of the rich people whose impunity protected them from the inmates’ fate.”

Am I the only one who had to read this a few times? I understood the meaning, but was confused by how it got me there. (Not a criticism of Cory, just wondering how dim am I?)

By the way… Awesome idea! It’s kind of like shock art but much less polarizing.

Got some talent there.

Here is one won’t be serving time either. Though the reasons for that are sure to warm the cockles of some of y’alls’ hearts.

TL;DR - Guy committed suicide by driving into an embankment at 80-some MPH. Thanks for not using a gun, bro.

I want to see the companion volume - petty thieves who got off, painted by jailed executives. When is that one coming?


Never. Because that doesnt happen. Thats the point. If you think execs ever go to jail, you are mistaken.

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Oh, lulz, of course! Silly me thought it was a hit list! :stuck_out_tongue:

Would be interesting to see some of the abuses called out in debates without perpetrators identified to see how candidates react, then identify and see who hems and haws the most!

(It was a joke.)

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“Steal a little and they throw you in jail/Steal a lot and they make you king” - R. Zimmerman

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If only hitting “like” again could like this harder…

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