Detroit police have issued a felony arrest warrant for artist Shepard Fairey


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Fairey’s spokesperson said the artist is “currently traveling out of the country.”

Holed up in the Ecuadorian embassy somewhere, no doubt, seeking asylum after his felonious poster posting.


Un-lawful paper posters, applied to buildings in Detroit? No wonder the city is in crisis!


Wouldn’t the addition of his art actually raise property values?

Should they really be looking this gift horse in the face?


I’m sure they must have some evidence right? Something to prove he posted those and not some other artist…


“It’s not a Shepard Fairey; it just references Shepard Fairey.” (-:


If being a hack was a crime, he’d have been in jail a long time ago.


You can be famous for doing illegal but nice things, but they’re still illegal.

And a police department seeking legitimacy will latch onto you if you say the wrong thing…


It seems like every mall has at least a few stores selling his Obey T shirts. I really respect his ability to sell out without looking like a sell out. And his ability to take the high road with lawbreaking.


Thank God he didn’t do a confederate flag.
(Can I say Confederate flag?)


You know how they say “show, don’t tell”? Not with that flag, please.


Priorities. FTP


This is the same Detroit which planned to sell the Diego Rivera mural?

They. just. don’t. fucking. get. it. do. they?


Glad to see that all the serious crime in Detroit has been solved. That’s quite the turnaround there. Great job, Detroit cops!


whose goat but yours does he want?


He conned the philly mural arts program into paying him to put up a giant Hennessy ad on the side of a building. He has always been a sellout and a hack. Zero originality.


Having lived in the Boston area since this yutz started his apparently endless reign of suck, I can only say it’s about time. There are pieces of his “work” all over the place here, boring the pants off everyone.It was mildly diverting the first time I saw it - since then it has been the same thing over and over and over again. Transgressive rarely happens more than once, and for this benighted plagiarist (I mean “recontextualizer”), it can be fairly said that it never did.


I am beginning to wonder if the uniformity of the criticism of him is part of the jig.


He’s got my goat to do what he wishes with, especially if he fucks it up.


one of my favorite things in the world. and it is very much a part of the indoor courtyard that it is painted on in the DIA (all four surfaces, top-to-bottom, tailored around the entrance-ways, second-floor overlooks, stonework, etc.) when I heard that the city would loot their own priceless art treasure to cover their own financial ineptitude

back on-topic, I reckon Fairey will just not go to Detroit again. Seems unlikely that the DPD would be able to get another force to rope him in. Is that even a thing for non-federal crimes? I mean, if he gets picked up for something else, somewhere else, I could see that he might get handed over (certainly for a federal crime, but this?) but as long as he stays out of jail, I have a tentative guess that this will blow over. But with the spotlight of publicity, another municipality might do the DPD’s job for them, I guess (there would doubtless be some type of quid-pro-quo, though)