Car goes off bridge into water, occupants don't seem to mind


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Wind shield wipers - that’s some fast reflexes!


The wipers start well before the car hits the water, starting right as the car breaks through the guard rail.

I’m trying to figure out if that’s an indication that this was somehow staged, or whether (more likely) the driver simply bumped the wiper control as he lost control of the car.

More likely is that the driver was flailing about trying to make the corner or their hands came off the wheel on impact. Seems pretty common that the windshield wipers invariably end up turned on in an accident.


I’m thinking this is more like a vodka moment, garnished with dashcam.


From the wiki on amphicar the aquatic car:

President Lyndon B. Johnson was known as an owner of an Amphicar. Apparently he liked to scare new visitors to his ranch by driving them downhill in his Amphicar directly into his property’s lake, all the while shouting that the brakes had broken


My friend’s dad had a pair of those… He liked to do the same thing – nearly gave his father-in-law a heart attack.

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Don’t worry, it’s a shortcut.

Is it just me or shouldn’t that barrier have made more noise?

“President Lyndon B. Johnson was known as a jerk”.

Fixed that for you.


It’s photoshopped! The sounds are all wrong!


“And Quiet Flows the River Don.”

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I can hear by the pixels!


I think in the sound-realm, they’re referred to as “chips”

If the video had come from the USA, everyone would have said “Awww maii Ghaaaaad” at least ten times. Got to admire their stoicism. Or belief in their car rather than in a deity.


Hey, hey, L.B.J! How many of your friends shit their pants today?

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I really like their stuff. “Monkey Gone to Heaven” is probably my favorite.

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Dude peed on his secret service escort at one point, too.

LBJ had a really serious need to be the alpha male at all times.

Don’t turn the wheel, it’s useless.

Never speak to your captain that way.

A jerk who apparently had a ginormous penis.
LBJ Nicknamed his penis jumbo and liked to show it off