Cardboard Box Office: recreating movie scenes with a baby and scrap cardboard


This is actually viral marketing for a new Wes Anderson movie about some people with a baby, right?

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Wow, those are really clever! I’m impressed with how they throw things together, just stuff around the house, to make all the props.

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That is probably the best baby’s interpretation of Eli Wallach, ever.


Nothing says “there’s no gravity in space” like an upside-down baby peeking out of the window of a space capsule.

Great stuff.


Teddy bear Chewbacca FTW!


Apart from the obvious safety concerns, is this baby even being paid scale?

Ahh, the freedom of the first child. Hours and hours of spare time to devote to such brilliance. All that is lost, like tears in the rain when the 2nd arrives…

Seriously, Fantastic!

Sorry, got nothin’ on Wenginninwonderland

No, the RIGHT stuff : -)

Who ARE these people??? When my daughter was a baby, I was lucky to get a shower taken that day and some kind of onesie thing on my kid, much less craft some elaborate set and style up the baby.

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It seems they are both very humourous and creative by nature. I suspect that doing this sort of activity is as important to their household as dragging their tired bodies out to grab groceries and diapers, so they just go ahead do it.

That or maybe they just have an unbelievably mellow baby…

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