Cards Against Humanity's Xmas Bullshit mystery gifts are once again on sale, will save America


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Carter Jackson: Millenial “you will receive a veritable bukkake of surprises. Get ready.”


I admit it, they got my $15.


I gave them my money so fast when i got the email this morning. Coincidentally i was one of the lucky few that scored their Trump Bug out bag last year from Cards Against Humanity before he was elected. The included stuff was pretty funny, it even included a legit Mexican Citizenship application form and paper money to various Latin countries. Looking forward to whatever they send this year, including more bullshit.


What the fuck is up with that survey?


Donations to specifically hyper-targeted non-right-wing charities? Incredibly invasive level of personalization to complement the weird feeling you get when playing CAH with people you hope will still be your friends when the game is over? Had me wondering too.

Either way, they got my money!


My cousin got me the bundle as a gift a few years back. The Eight Days of Hanukkah. Two or three days were socks, one was a Field Notes book, one day way a $1 savings bond kind of thing (which a redeemed!), and a few were CAH card collections. They also gave the workers in their Chinese factory a day off, and sent photos and thank-you notes.


Wow, that plummeted from 2500 slots to zero seconds after I got in.

Also, I’m Canadian and I was not required to fill out any survey. What was on it?


A lot of personal information. Address, name, demographic, who you voted for, etc.


Aw, sold out…


Also asked some weirder questions like what kind of pet you’d have (alligator, vulture, giant bat, etc). but they didn’t have a lot of the off the wall questions like they have in the past.


Merry Christmas you orange-faced shit-gibbon!


I was too late to get in on the bundle, but the laugh I got reading about the first goodie was priceless.


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