Survey results from Cards Against Humanity's Hannukah Gifts package

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I find it hard to believe all answers were given honestly. For example, is it really true that the kinds of people who would pay CAH for mystery gifts would vote nearly 25% for the various Republican candidates?


I find it fairly plausible. In the privacy of one’s home people tend to be less divided and ideologically categorizable than in the open where loud maintaining of group allegiance is a prerequisite for not being ousted into the lonely void.


I’ve played CAH and similar games (such as the family-friendly version, Apples to Apples) in the privacy of various homes with Fox News adherents. It’s not their thing, at all. They never bring these types of games, nor have ever played them before. So the idea that they would go to the CAH website and then choose to buy an additional CAH product – sight unseen, no less – does not seem likely. Someone punking the survey by giving silly answers? That seems much more likely to me.

There is a whole continuum of opinions. People generally aren’t configured around a single political value, but tend to be multidimensional vectors. Granted, many of the dimensions tend to correlate, but some do just weakly and there are exceptions everywhere.


Well I do hope only CAH players vote in the Democratic primaries, but I’m hedging my bets.


For what it’s worth, I know several total young republican types who both play CAH and are awful people, so I don’t necessarily find the results that strange.


I’ve actually seen such people at kink events. It tends to be rather shocking, seeing as how kink often involves sex and all, and they are the minority of participants, yet they’re still there. Oddly enough, they get very few play partners interested in them, once this comes up.


The game is called Cards Against Humanity…


I Feel the Bern!

I love those folks so much I actually bought nothing from them.

(that kind of nothing that cost $5USD)

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