Carn, by Jeff Le Bars



Stunning visuals, heartbreaking story, deeply affecting.

I so want for there to be a “happy ending” epilogue where the wolf cubs are discovered by the distraught parents and cared for properly, but that is a Hollywood fantasy.

In some ways, this piece reminded me of the short story “Blooded on Arachne” from the anthology of the same name.

Blooded on Arachne


I watched this yesterday and felt . . . well, man, no fricking justice in the world, I guess.

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Oh but there is justice.


I’m going to have to rewatch it. Maybe I missed something.

Beautiful, but broken in one important regard: It isn’t at all clear why the kid changes his mind upon seeing the pups. Heck, it isn’t even clear that he has changed his mind rather than succumbing briefly to panic, or even simply deciding that facing them wearing their mother’s skin was unwise and he should go home and get changed (and bring food, and otherwise figure out how he’s going to uphold this commitment) before coming back…

And while that remans fuzzy, the end remains poorly supported. Not an unreasonable outcome within the framework of the myth, but making it mean anything beyond the literal – either way! – requires a very large and poorly-supported assumption.

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I love this. It’s so beautiful and wondrous.

Ah, I DID miss something. When I watched the other day I had the video playing on another monitor. I must have glanced at something for the few seconds the wolf pups were visible. I was left wondering why hadn’t encountered them!

I was not prepared for this level of FEELS.


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