Cartoonist sells his "crappy rejected" New Yorker submissions

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There’s actually a whole book of rejected cartoons from various authors:


Aw, the turtle one is great!

I have a subscription, too, and one thing I keep noticing is how often the cartoon-caption-contest finalists seem to be male (or at least to have traditionally “male” names in the Western/developed/English-speaking world, if that explains what I mean). I always wonder, are men more likely to enter/be competitive? I (a female) always think about captions, and have come up with only a few that I thought were even funny/good enough to submit, but I’ve never submitted any of them.

btw, in your linked blog post you say

I gifted myself with a print subscription

I’m sure you’re aware (but maybe non-subscribers aren’t) that the print subscription comes with a free digital subscription, and there is so much more content online too, with up-to-the-minute stuff every day. And access to their archive. When I’m reading there online, I make a point of not reading whatever’s in the print magazine that week, so that I can save the print version for reading in bed at night, with no lit screen :slight_smile:


“The pig says ‘My wife is a slut’??”


“Christ, what an opportunity.”


One of my favorite MAD Magazine stories was the cartoonist desperate to get a rejection letter.


Hah! I’d never heard this story before! Thanks for posting!

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Heh. I do wonder who played whom there.

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I could not love this more!

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As evidenced by the How To Write A New Yorker Cartoon Caption series, even captioning the cartoons can be hard work.

There’s a second volume as well

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