Carving a pumpkin while scuba diving is pretty darn difficult

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I have done this in FL (Ginny Springs) with a group from ScubaBoard. We all just put a weight in them to keep them more neutral while we hovered around carving them. There were some awesome carves, but nothing as elaborate as a sailing ship! We emerged with cool pumpkins and all of our fingers intact.

Highly recommended for the fun of it, and for the buoyance challenge.


Abalone in a flooded quarry in Ohio?


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Easy to do… now hard would be having lit underwater with a candle…


Our neighbourhood pool has an annual underwater pumpkin carving event. All breath-holding though.

I did that too in a nearby quarry in 2016. Event was sponsored by a local dive shop.

The challenge was that we couldn’t “vent” the pumpkins before getting into the water so it was really buoyant. I solved it by putting the pumpkin, extra weights, and a sheathed fillet knife into a game bag and assembled the kit on the bottom.


Since I didn’t gut the pumpkin, the squirrels had a field day with it and made a big mess of it.



Probably not abalone, but more than a few of the native river mussels have shells that are suitable for such things. The quarry is close enough to Sandusky that it is probably the Lake Erie watershed instead of the Ohio River. The Ohio River system has more shellfish variety, but the lake has plenty.

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