Casa Bonita to reopen in May 2023 under 'South Park' creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone

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sub-par mexican food.

That seems to fit my memory


There had better be sopapillas.


Visited as a 4th grader with my church group - visiting the big city of Denver - Elitch Gardens and Casa Bonita. So excited we got to sit at our own tables and watch the cliff diving show. As a kid from smallville the place seemed enormous.


I went a few times as a kid for my birthday, and maybe once or twice as an adult… At least one of those was also for my birthday :sweat_smile: As a kid it was amazing, as an adult i could appreciate what made it special back in the day but it clearly needed a lot of TLC. If only the food is improved it’ll already be a 10/10 from me. I really hope i can visit the reopened Casa Bonita some day, i genuinely have a lot of love for that place.


I was lucky enough to visit a year or so ago when it wasn’t reopened but was allowing people in for tours. It was my first visit in over 25 years, but it was every bit as magical and wonderful as when I was a kid. Very little has changed, but it didn’t look nearly as run down as I would have expected after the pandemic, let alone the intervening decades. I have high hopes that Parker and Stone share the same appreciation and will continue to preserve it just the way it is (okay, improving the food probably is a good idea), but if not, I’m glad I got to see it one last time and get some photos. If anyone has never been and gets the chance, I highly recommend it. It’s a truly unique place that will stick with you for a lifetime.


I went several years ago. It was fun but yea the food was bad. But like, in a way that seemed insanely easy to fix. Like why would you put that canned yellow ballpark nacho cheese sauce on a burrito? Horrible decisions like that. It would be awesome if they just tweaked the menu slightly to like chipotle standards at least. I don’t think the terrible food was ever the attraction. It was always the kitschy decor and entertainment. Keep that and fix the food and you really have something


Those were actually good. Everything else: not.

Well the beer was probably okay. It’s been a long time.


Parker and Stone have already been on the record saying their goal is to preserve the look and feel of the original restaurant but significantly upgrading the food. They even hired a renowned local chef. Can’t wait for it it reopen


That sounds amazing!! Hope I can get back there one day!

I live 3 miles from Casa Bonita, and my wife grew up in Lakewood, going to the place often. I defend it not only because of the kitsch, which is substantial, but because I can’t stand it when people describe the food as the worst thing ever, when it’s only just mediocre. It’s cafeteria-grade Mexican. I’ve never gotten food poisoning or anything, I’ve just gotten some middling enchiladas. That, plus a hefty dose of local high-schoolers and college students overacting in skits to keep the kiddies busy. And cliff diving! Still not my favorite place, but it holds a spot in the hearts of a whole lot of locals, so I’m glad it’s coming back.


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