Casey Neistat videos his Lufthansa first class flight


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After watching a couple of minutes of this I found watching the paint dry on the ceiling to be far more riveting and meaningful. I hope he got there ok


If I had the money or miles, I think I’d rather save 'em for the longer trip back west, when the jet stream adds to the speed penalty.


Is this like Metal Machine Music or some other Spite Album?

Did he have to make a video, contractually, but nowhere did it specify the subject?


I want casey to f off too, but the only real reason I can come up with is because Im cranky and jealous.


Watched the video a while ago and thought he said he was upgraded? If so, it was a good play by the airline, assuming they knew he was a famous vlogger.


it’s amazing the kind of treatment you get if you have money. The class system is alive and well.


Yeah, I love it when you get on the plane and sit in the steerage section while they pull a curtain across the first class section…don’t want to upset the rich class traveler by having to see the unwashed poor.


No, I like that album, and I will fight you.

On second thought, I’m too lazy to fight.


I was too lazy to pick a better example.


I always thought it was so you couldn’t see how good they have it and start thinking you deserve at least 16 peanuts or the other half of that can of soda.


sorry, could not get past the BroStep hair…


Ha that was hilarious. Well done and subscribed

And almost funnier is the negative reactions in the comments here, mostly by people who didn’t even watch the video.


Seriously, do you get paid by this d-bag to post this video? I love BoingBoing, but this is ridiculous.


He already did this on Emirates:


Lufthansa looked sober in comparison.


Hilarious there too. I hope he does it on other airlines too.


I’m disappointed - Caseys video shows a severe lack of lederhosen.


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