Casey White, inmate who fled with prison guard lover, charged with murder in her death

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Felony murder is one of the worst legal contortions ever introduced to the US “justice” system.


Agreed. What with overturning Roe, I fully expect some volunteer to get charged with felony murder for giving out Plan C pills.


and who says ambitious prosecutors have no Imagination.

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Man, the season finale for She’s the Sheriff got DARK.


There’s a very famous case here in Colorado from a couple decades back whereby a woman was sentenced to life in prison for a murder her boyfriend committed while she was sitting in handcuffs in the back of a police car.


Felony murder has been a thing in the US and other common law countries for a long time. Employing it requires no imagination.

Also, just FYI for everyone, Derek Chauvin’s conviction of 2nd degree murder was dependent on the felony murder rule. Maybe it shouldn’t have been, but without that, Chauvin only gets convicted of 3rd degree murder, which would have carried a shorter sentence.

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That Chauvin’s sentence would have been lower is not a justification for felony murder. It is an indictment of the rest of the criminal justice system.


I don’t disagree. But criminal justice reform is moving at a snail’s pace. Or backwards, maybe. Felony murder is not likely to disappear anytime soon, although they did ditch it in Kentucky a few years ago, so there’s hope.

Mainly my comment was just pointing out that no imagination was required on the part of prosecutors to come up with this charge. They are intimately familiar with it.

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Regardless of what you think of her motives or her choice in men, the woman is dead. Not everything is a joke.

Damn! You beat me to it!

What about justice for the family of the victim? Even if he’s already serving life sentences for other crimes shouldn’t really matter. If he murdered or assaulted someone while in jail should law enforcement just say, “ :man_shrugging: oh well he’s already locked up for life”?

He’s already been charged with breaking out of jail. Charging him with something else that he didn’t do isn’t justice for the family of the victim. It’s just prosecutors racking up the score. Perhaps in some broader psychological way she was his victim, but there seems to be no evidence for that beyond some irrational behavior like her selling property for peanuts. She killed herself and “as good as murdered her” shouldn’t be a crime.


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