Felony Murder

This is a new one on me.

55 years for murder because the homeowner of the house you broke into shot and killed one of your accomplices?



Felony Murder is a thoroughly broken law, at least in its application in the USA.

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He’s taking cognitive thinking classes

Woohoo! Cognitive thinking is my favorite kind!

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Considering that he’s looking at a prison sentence that is 3x as long as his entire life so far, I can forgive him for spending some of those years examining this sort of idea…

Cognitive Thinking

That is new to me, as well, and charging that kid for that crime is its’ self blatantly immoral and criminal, endemic to your typical “functional” sociopathic sadist sorts – whose “functional” attribute means that they understood long ago to continue in society with their inherent nature requires avoiding getting caught and finding careers of social power which aid in their need for self-expression without the downsides of prison or early death. (For the sole reason to continue their need for sadistic self-expression.) Unfortunately, far more common of a choice then your typical violent criminal’s route, as they are far more common of an animal. Generally not because they are smarter, but more deceitful, cunning, and typically have a larger dose of cowardice.

Fortunately, Indiana’s version of this nutty law is precisely written – “a person who kills another human being while committing or attempting to commit … burglary … commits murder, a felony” – so hopefully a decent defense attorney will be able to get the extra charge dropped.


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