Cassadaga is a small town in Florida where many self proclaimed psychics reside

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Is there a college of psychics with a board that reviews ethics complaints? :rofl:


If there is, I’m sure noted “friend of Boing Boing” Mitch Horowitz has secured a well-paid seat on it.


In 2022, Ferdinando Buscema noted that “Horowitz is among the most articulate and respected voices in the contemporary occulture scene.”[11]

Woah, get out the hip-waders!


I knew you were going to say that


They already know and have handled it



It’s a fun enough place to visit. And Florida-native Tom Petty even wrote a song about it!

But he never visited it, LOL.
“Surprisingly, it seems Petty never visited Cassadaga. He even misspelled its name. But learning of its existence was enough to inspire the words for the song Casa Dega, which he co-wrote with Mike Campbell, and immortalised it musically.”
Source: Tom Petty song inspired by Florida Spiritualist camp - Psychic News™


Bright Eyes had a whole album named Cassadaga

Cassadaga, oh yeah, that’s where you’re going to find the center of energy.
And they’ve got those in Arizona too.
You know, there’s, I know that there’s wonderful grounds that have vortexes.
That you might be interested in going to.
And the go to Nevada. And then go to California.
And then come south and go back through Arizona.
And go through Texas. You know what I’m saying?
Getting rid of the old feelings of the old ways.
And, you know, it’s kind of like with people and the tarot cards.
Just because you get the Death card doesn’t mean death or dying.
It means transformation. It means changing things around…
Cause I was pulling in on a, on a …
Somehow I get the impression that you’re almost a little afraid to start the trip.
It doesn’t have to be a straight line happy face.
But make kind of a happy face, I mean kind of a smile.
Go up, up the east coast, but it’s gonna be a circle.
You know what I’m saying? It’s gonna be a sloppy circle.
Don’t be afraid. Years and years and years ago, you know, you might,
You might have come across some river and rock and the mountains or whatever.
And then when you get there maybe you’ll have the answers you seek.

We have moved into a new era and life as we know it is changing.
Your relationships, career, and location will all be subject with an energy.
Allow me to share with you tips that will assist you during these new times.

Don’t give up hope on yourself, no.
Just be patient about the fact that … how things are unfolding.
Because … you’re less … why are you afraid to start?
I think you should go.
I think you should go.
You know, plan ahead, pack the things that you think you’re gonna need,
And then just go.
Cassadaga might be just a premonition of a place you’re going to visit.



That was easy.


Highly recommend Jamie Loftus’s podcast “Ghost Church,” about Cassadaga spiritualists:

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Sounds like a profitable area to build a casino, or a church, or church with a casino in it


The people who run the state lottery must love this town.


It would be interesting to see the numbers of how much more per capita lottery ticket sales are in the area.


Miss you, James Randi.


Sounds like Lillydale. And looks like they took the name from there.

Lily Dale is a hamlet, connected with the Spiritualist movement, located in the Town of Pomfret on the east side of Cassadaga Lake, next to the Village of Cassadaga. Located in southwestern New York State,[1]it is one hour southwest of Buffalo, halfway to the Pennsylvania border.“

*As seen on Supernatural!


Maybe, but the psychics have already bought up all the prime real estate.

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Likely a snowbird town for ‘psychics’ that don’t like the winters in upstate NY.

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Florida has a town for everything. Gibsonton is where circus freaks and carnies go to retire. Cassadaga is for psychics…

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