Snowbirds' guide to avoiding corrupt cops on I-75




Any suggestions for other travel books similar to this? Considering driving I-10 to Florida this summer.


We could use one for 95, too. The whole portion between DC and CT is like one giant speed trap in the spring.


Well it’s a good thing it’s printed on paper, because highway cops never change their tactics or anything.


Anyone who willingly goes to Florida deserves what they get.


I refuse to forego the treasures of Florida for the predators along the path. I may be a sheep to them, but I am a clever sheep (Harold!), and I know to let other speeders flush the predators who lie in wait ahead of me. It’s a great game that I learned decades ago traveling across the expanses of Texas and the deserts of the southwest. Even helps pass the time. I pick a fellow driver who is going faster than I dare, and I follow him as far back as I can. The blue lights that bloom behind him warn me to ease off until I can find another sacrificial lamb. It has never failed me. Never.


We call that bird dogging up in these parts. A good strategy on the long straightaways, but gets a little tricky on very curvy, hilly roads.


I-10 is a horrible drive from CA all the way to San Antonio… Nothing but dirt and roving border checkpoints. 40 to memphis then south is a better drive IMO. Done both a few times each in each direction.


I learned the hard way about the cops in Valdosta Georgia on I-75 heading south toward the Florida state line several years ago. The Lowndes County Sheriff’s Office also monitors northbound traffic through Valdosta to enrich the county coffers.


You’re assuming they read.


Don’t avoid corrupt cops - confront them!

It’s fun and empowering. About as safe as big game hunting safari, yet far more ecologically and socially responsible. You could make a vacation of it!


I call him “the canary”.


What could go wrong?


What were you going to do? Stuff them all in your little backpack?
You could have your friends surround them, you know?

Just about anything could go wrong. It depends upon lots of factors. Or you can just give up and let them roll over you. Hand them a fucking petition if you think it will help. Just be aware that if you hold onto the vain hope that some random strangers can be counted on to defend your life, that the poor individual in the baseball cap could be you.

What could go well? Or are people supposed to not ask this question, because they’d have to actually do something about it besides complain?


civil forfeiture nightmares of America’s great roadways

The reality of this sentence makes me sad.


Also every small town in WV on the weekend when fishing season starts.


When a relative died in southern FL, I inherited some cash money and several pistols. I could have taken the money in big stacks of tens, twenties, and fifties. But I took the money as a wire transfer knowing there was a good chance the cash would not get past the traffic cops.


That´s some cover design right there.


I’ll admit to wishing that I lived in a part of the country that has those inland “border checkpoints” where they hassle folks about their citizenship. Just so I could roll up and do the whole “Am I being detained? Am I free to go?” thing.

But just once, and not when I have my kids with me.


So what is corrupt about these cops? Do they issue citations to people not breaking the law? Do they demand bribes to not issue a citation?