Cat discovers an effective method for dog shutdown


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Motherfucker what!?


Cotton Mill Lofts in Cabbagetown?

those pillars are pretty distinctive.


“Who da boss? I said…WHO DA BOSS? WHO DA…oh, right.”


“We’ve been monitoring our pup at home to get a sense of how much barking he’s been doing,”

Oh, I’m sure your neighbors will be more than happy to fill you in.


If anyone there plays that drum kit at all, I’m sure they already have discussions with the neighbors regarding noise.


I came for comments about how cats and dogs cannot be left alone together. I am disappointed in you all.


Given how much bare concrete I’m seeing there, the walls may be thicker and denser than you might expect.


I played drums in a split level on the bottom floor that was 2/3 underground. I padded the area around the kit with acoustical foam. Neighbors across the street still heard me. This looks like a loft or apartment. With a big sliding glass door, and few acoustically absorptive materials.


Bark at my cat sweetheart that way I get to show off my apartment !!

(Which, by the way , is spectacular)


Dog; bark bark bark!
Cat: Look puppy-boy, I am showing you my side and lowering my ears. Do you know what comes next? Do you? Another squeak from you and you WILL bleed.
Dog: Okay dude, I’m cool. Heh heh. Just goofin’ around. Geez.
Cat: Do not fuck with me.
Dog: Yeah, yeah, I got it. Okay. Chill (Sheesh)


“I don’t know if I unsheathed five claws or six…”


That tiny squeak at the end by Chastened Dog makes the video.


As an owner of a cat and a dog, I have to ask, why?


I believe it was a reference to this scene:

But of course, I can’t be sure… I’m just spitballing really.


Cat is perhaps under the belief that dog is going to get larger, and thinks “I must clarify the pecking order while I still have the chance.”


Just a joke, after the whole beagle/baby video comments. I have a cats and a dog too.


I’m Bi. Bi-petual.


“Bitch, please.”


I’ve seen multiple cats do this both to tomcats and dogs who they expect to eventually be bigger than them.