Cat eats ice cream


Wish I’d gotten video of our cat drinking a margarita. And per most stories involving tequila, he yacked all over the place.

He was sneaking a drink and stopped when I saw him. He’s never tried drinking from my glass since.

I’ve seen cats doing this, and it strikes me that they don’t seem to respond by using their forepaws to try to knock the cup off their head. I wonder why that is.

A now long departed stray that I adopted would go for my ice cream if I left it out. It was amusing as he would get all into it then stop and squint with his head down in what I can only assume was ice cream brain for about 10 seconds then start in again.


Not being a cat I can’t really speak for them, but I’d surmise it was because they’re unwilling to risk removing their forelegs from the ground without being able to see.


This one does just that, raises its paws off the ground and leans back and around.

Fifteen years ago I was awakened from a sound sleep by a sporadic thudding that seemed to be getting closer. It was accompanied by a Darth Vader kind of breathing and some other weird sound I couldn’t identify. I had just moved into a new place and had the window over my bed shot out the night before. I had crashed my car that afternoon. I had been sick for weeks and would find out a few days later that I had pneumonia. It was a lousy week.

I sprang from bed and found my 5-month-old Husky in the hallway with a Cheetos bag stuck over her head. I’d left the bag on a table downstairs and she had gone foraging. The thud was evidently the sound of her banging into the walls as she blindly made her way upstairs to find me. I still think it’s a little bit of a miracle that she lived, and my housekeeping improved exponentially after that. Years later, one of my neighbors found his puppy dead in his basement, suffocated by a bag of Goldfish. Needless to say, I find this video disturbing, even if it is a cat. I am retraumatized. I wish I had never clicked…


I use my cat as an excuse to lick my bowl clean. If I don’t lick it (or blasphemously interrupt my Star Trek watching by getting up and rinsing it) my cat will, and chubby little Flavour Flav does not need ice cream in her diet!

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Gaddammit. I wasn’t paying attention. On the other paw, it may have been that very feeling of instability - induced by that act - which did it.

Perhaps cats are thus blocked from the next, podual, dexterity phase of their evolution towards tool use. But I realise I’m reaching here.

I’ve had days like this…

Man, where’s the killjoys coming in to complain about how unhealthy it is to let your cat have ice cream? I am disappointed.

As for the cat not figuring out to remove the tub with its forepaws… It really does seem like having its head stuck in the tub causes the cat to completely lose its equilibrium. Something to do with its whiskers being trapped in such a small space, maybe?

I don’t think you’re giving the cat enough credit. Clearly there was a tiny bit of ice cream left in the bottom and he was tipping up the pot to get at it.


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