Cat eats ice cream, gets brain freeze

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That may actually be ‘corporeal domination by one of the uncountable demons of the 8 cold hells’ rather than ‘brain freeze’.

The symptoms of the two conditions do overlap a bit, in some cases; but that looks pretty serious.


And then proceeds to shit soup that smells like a million corpses rotting for the next day because that’s what dairy does to cats.


I dunno, I’ve had cats who liked ice cream, they never had any of these problems. Of course, they only got a teaspoon at most. Might have been different if they got the whole quart.

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Me, too.

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Nt so sure that is Brain Freeze or, Give me more or die hooman!

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More like Homer and donuts “…Aaaarrrgggggghhhh…”

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“Cat eats ice cream, blog author jumps to conclusion that cat gets brain freeze”

There, fixed it for ya’.

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I know brain freeze is kind of unpleasant but come on, cat!

Then cut to supervillain laughing parrot.

“You fell for my trap, Mr Puffkins!”

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