Cat eats ice cream, gets brain freeze


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That may actually be ‘corporeal domination by one of the uncountable demons of the 8 cold hells’ rather than ‘brain freeze’.

The symptoms of the two conditions do overlap a bit, in some cases; but that looks pretty serious.


And then proceeds to shit soup that smells like a million corpses rotting for the next day because that’s what dairy does to cats.


I dunno, I’ve had cats who liked ice cream, they never had any of these problems. Of course, they only got a teaspoon at most. Might have been different if they got the whole quart.


Me, too.


Nt so sure that is Brain Freeze or, Give me more or die hooman!


More like Homer and donuts “…Aaaarrrgggggghhhh…”


“Cat eats ice cream, blog author jumps to conclusion that cat gets brain freeze”

There, fixed it for ya’.


I know brain freeze is kind of unpleasant but come on, cat!


Then cut to supervillain laughing parrot.

“You fell for my trap, Mr Puffkins!”


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