Kitties enjoy ice ball on hot summer day

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It looks like the inside didn’t fully freeze…

Pretend? Why do you hate animals? Why?

Interesting idea. My mother and I both had cats while I was growing up and we noticed they had a definite preference for cold water and they definitely liked it when their water bowls were filled from a bottle in the fridge.

A friend of mine does this but adds a bit of chicken stock.


The bipeds have introduced a thermal negation sphere to the environment. It is imperative that we determine whether its bone-chilling cold is finite, or if its inexorable expansion means the end of all life on earth. Analytical papillae engaged.


Has anybody considered the rotating iceball as an alternative to the straight line as a chicken hypnotiser?

That is a really good idea! I’m going to give that a try.


One of my two cats died last month. He, in his last two years or so, would basically demand ice for his water. Practically every time you went to the kitchen, he’d get up, sit by his water bowl, and stare at you until you gave him ice (unless it was food he wanted, and then he’d simply stare some more), and then he’d go mad licking it. I’m sure if he was absolutely desperate he’d drink water without ice, but I never saw him do it.

The funny thing was that the other cat, whenever you put ice in the bowl in front of him, just stared at it like it was witchcraft, and wouldn’t even try it, or drink from the bowl until it finally melted.

(Since my ice-loving cat passed on, I do find myself dropping ice in the bowl in his memory though…)


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