Cat loves Slayer




look how crazy bright that arena is! For a rock show?


Duudde…this is some good catnip! You wanna hit this?


That’s a bad-ass cat. Dainty kittens are sweet and all, but that guy is fucking metal. I’d totally share some catnip with him.


Your dog wants rhythm and blues guitar.

and steak.


Well, the Big Four show was a long show, featuring Anthrax, Megadeth, Slayer, and Metallica playing all on the same bill. If this was from the DVD, it was the Sonisphere show in Sofia, Bulagaria, from June 22, 2010. So close to the solstice, it probably didn’t get dark until 9:00 PM or so, and this song took place about a third of the way through Slayer’s set, and Metallica played after them, so it was probably well before sundown.


Im an idiot, thought the show was indoors! Lol


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