Cat missing in wildfire reunites with family after 6 years

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I am happy Duane got Ozzie back. :hugs:

This one hits me kind of hard, because my cat Gremlin escaped yesterday and I haven’t seen her turn up yet.


oh no! You probably know all the things to do but I’ll share just in case. Missy escaped once and we found her four or five days later.
–place dirty socks around your property
–have food out
–get one of those small animal live traps…put food in there
–look in nearby storm drain (this is where I found Missy hiding)
–tell neighbors

Good luck, hope Gremlin comes home.


And she’s back, after 36 hours.

I put food out near the front door inside the apartment, shutting myself and the other cats in the bedrooms, but leaving the front door open about 1 foot. At about 5 am, I heard the metal bowl scraping across the floor. I went to look, but she wasn’t there. Then I heard the landlord’s dog barking at something. I went outside and called her name, and she responded enthusiastically. The dog had her cornered behind some metal grating and other objects underneath the stairwell. Once she saw me, she came out and I carried her back up to the apartment.

A hearty meal, a 15-minute petting session, and she’s sleeping in the chair next to me. :smiley_cat:


So good to hear :heart:


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