Cat parasite could be making kids stupid

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I guess all the Tea party Patriots are cat lovers…

So is my kid, and he’s smart like whoa. However, he has lost his fear of cats and may someday be eaten.


See, this was MUCH more linkbaity:
but the PubMed bit is and Parasitology are at …and oh man, I think I saw some hay dust of dumbness in the kid, is he going to be floating in flax oil! Or toxoplasma eats it up and that’s not so much it…

Not so enthused about the clinical cheating notion. Researcher unable to cite bacon otherwise, so they were advised by reviewers to…

making men more aggressive

You know, I do get a little more short tempered whenever I am the only godaadmenone in the fing house emptying the kitty litter.


Get one of these. It’ll change your life. Not cheap, but it’s well designed, well built, and it works.

Does it have a Hal 9000 voice to go with it?


If it’s noisy or shakes or moves at all, a lot of cats are not going to be fans.


A set of these is going to be a lot cheaper, and portable too.

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Why not just toilet train them, as if we were civilized or something?

Shit, ninja’d!

And you only need those for a couple months. Eventually they just become accustomed to normal toilet seats.


Pretty high correlation between that parasite and OMG CUTE OMG

I am more worried about Daily Telegraph reports making kids stupid.


I got skills.

I’ve never tried the trainer, all the cats I’ve had have lived in houses with very large gardens, but if I had a cat now, in the city, I’d definitely go for this.

Mine cats make me no stopid, I have cats and am smart*

Edit: Well just one cat, really, but he drinks heavily so it looks like there is 2 of him.

True, but there’s a seven minute delay - cats generally won’t be near it when it cycles. The new house kitten doesn’t care at all - and watches it go - but he’s kind of fearless in general.

IIRC there is no correlation between T. gondii seropositivity and cat ownership, which might lead inquiring minds to wonder whether seropositivity is actually testing anything meaningful.

Why wouldn’t there be a correlation, if cat owners are in close proximity to cats day and night, while those who don’t own cats aren’t?

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Indeed. There should be a correlation, if humans can easily catch T. gondii, and if seropositivity is a reliable indicator of an infection. But there isn’t.


Is it a cat incinerator?