Cat prepares dog for mind meld



This is when we grab the water spray bottle and yell, “what the diddly, cat, you’ve been fixed”


Funny, my dog is more afraid of the spray bottle than my cats :smile:

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That’s not what’s going on in the video. The cat is trying to suck milk out of the dog’s face.


I have a cat that I adopted from the animal shelter who had experienced a good deal of hunger in his very young life.

Four years later, he still tries to nurse on the inside of my elbow.


Oh, boy, hate to break it to you, but this behavior pretty much doesn’t ever go away. After 17 years, one of my dearly departed still tried to nurse. Now we’ve got a derpy Siamese that tries to suckle my bathrobe, but only if I’m near it. He’s 2.5, we’ve got more than a decade of this to look forward to. :slight_smile:


Isn’t that where musk comes out of an elephant’s head? Maybe that’s what he’s milking for.

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I feel like the dog is visiting some cat health spa. The cat’s just like “mmm hmmmm, just try to relax while I work on these facial knots.”


My… my God! You have a dead cat that still nurses? I think that was a scene in a Clive Barker novel…?


Out of the 3 boy cats I’ve had, two were chronic nursers. One would suckle my earlobes while I was sleeping (wake up to THAT noise, let me tell you) and leave little hickeys on my neck. RIP Spalding Gray.

The other was more of a menace. My ex would let Crowley sit on his lap and nurse on his t-shirt or skirt fabric, which led to the cat developing a thing for fabric. So he’d burrow into the bed or the laundry hamper and nurse holes in everything - my sheets looked like I’d run them over a cheese grater. He ruined a few pieces of clothing, and that was BEFORE he decided that fabric also made a preferable substrate for kitty litter for the purpose of peeing on. I was distraught when he disappeared one day (1) but it passed somewhat quickly.

I’m ever so grateful that my current boy cat, Koala, appears to have been properly weaned.

(1) The cat, not the ex. I was pretty glad when the ex disappeared, although we did work out a friendship some years later.


The creepiest thing about this video is that I’m not sure when my dog stepped out to make it… I’ve had him for 8 years and I would have believed this was him if my partner had sent it to me while I was away…

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