Cat-sized camping tents


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Not a pup tent?


It’s like the little model tents they have set up in sporting good stores.


They have an economy model.



Hah! I see what you did there.


Yay kittahs!


The pics are super cute, and I’d love to have one for my kitties, but $59? My ultra lite back pack tent from REI was only $100. Maybe I’ll just steal one from the camping store display.


Other gear:


there is a website named litterally minidisplay tents. I take it that, despite your apparent fascination with display tents, you never just googled it.


Why is he not wearing lil’ bandana?? :cry: I want to see that!


Hannah and Maru <3


Get outta my head, 'twas but a transient fancy.


Meh. My kitties would shred them inside a month. I prefer the soft polyhedron pods you can throw in the washing machine.


I asked my cats. They would rather have $59 worth of catnip. (Actually, they asked for live mice, but I said no.)


Damn things just keep getting smaller and smaller…


Seriously though…$60 bucks for this thing? My kitty would use it as a litter box first chance he got. He likes being out in the open.


Leaked footage reveals that the company is also trying to branch out into the market of camping-tent sized cats. Initial reviews of test customers were mixed, ranging from silent terror to panicked screaming.


My cat prefers all the makeshift lean-to’s I have scattered around my house (chairs, coffee tables, beds, etc)


So cute!
But we all know how this will play out - the kitteh will sit in the box the tent came in.


Is the gray and white kitty in the bed your cat? He/she’s beautiful. Good kittah!


And I see what you did there. :wink: