Cat widow to marry dog


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Dang it! Huckabee was right all along!


It was a slippery slope! We’re doomed!!!


Huckabee would likely approve of her anti immigrant stance.


Mass hysteria!


“Lesbirel was widowed after her husband Doerack, 19, a cat, suffered kidney failure and had to be euthanized.”

Well, that’s one way to end a relationship.


This is all happening too fast! I just started the mandated gender reassignment so my wife and I can stay together, and now I gotta marry my pet instead? Thanks, Obama!



Sounds a little suspicious to me. If I were the dog, I’d check whether she had taken out a life insurance policy on the cat.


Well, she’s a little vague here. She says she’ll only marry with domestic animals. Does this only include natural-born domestic animals? What about domesticated animals? And who handles the identification? Is there a test or licensing procedure? What if the test is biased toward fuzzy quadropeds? The American Academy of Lizards, Birds & Snakes (AALBS) may have to weigh in on this. And how is the age of consent established between different species?

If we’re not careful, this could start to get a little complicated.


Death panels! Thanks, Obama…


I don’t see any information about what religion she is ordained. Is this a plot to suck me into one of those crazy cults like Lutheranism?


Sure. She looks happy now. But wait 'til she finds out that her mother-in-law is a total bitch.


isn’t it bigger news that you’re dating Obama?


The real issue here is an animal can’t legally consent. There’s the boulder on your slippery slope.


I know. It’s a joke. Just putting that there for the right wingers who are looking for something to get enraged by.


for the first few months, yeah.



Great news!


That’s a pretty intolerant stance from a boy reporter who had his brain switched with a gorilla’s in both issue #24 AND #116.