Cat wine


Well, good. Now the final piece of my retirement plan is in place.


No alcohol? This is cruelty of the most insidious kind!


Grapes can be toxic to cats and dogs.

To be precise, tannins in the grape skins are what is toxic. Not sure how much is in this product, but tannins are what make some grapes and wines red, so…

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My dog only drinks single-malt scotch whiskey with a splash of toilet water.


“It is less than 0.01% content of grape juice”

it’s for cats; why use actual expensive grapes anyway, except for marketing purposes? it is funny, though, that they include just a little bit of poison in order to make it “authentic”. silly people: include grape juice so it seems like wine, and then disclaim that it’s almost no grape juice so it seems safe.

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Forget the wine. Cats should just stick to Absinthe.


AFAIK, cats can barely taste sugar, so this is clearly not intended for drinking by cats.

I’ve made catmint tea, from time to time, when I’ve had enough good catnip on hand that I thought the cats wouldn’t mind my raiding their stash. Not a favorite; I like most other mints better.

Absinthe maketh the heart grow fonder. Or is that abcess?

A friend served “dog beer” to his dog once, who looked at him like he was crazy and better put water back in that bowl now.

We smelled the stuff and someone tasted it. Horrible. So, hopefully the cat wine is something cats actually like.

Apparently “cat urine” is a legitimate term used in describing wine flavor.

Wow. Just wow.

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