Catcalling citation cards

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Or you could have a police officer on hand. They probably don’t fit in a wallet or purse though.

US man arrested for yelling sexist obscenity at Canada reporter.


While an amusing idea, this might be a pretty unsafe thing to do. Think it’s worth the risk triggering some sexist guy over a fake citation? Seriously, some women have been violently attacked or even killed for rebuffing some random men’s advances, and then this site is encouraging women to hand out fake citations. I would prefer another alternative as far as calling them out for their shitty behavior.

Edit: A quick search gives context to my apprehension over these fake citations


Real talk; mere rejection of their advances makes some dudes react really fucking badly. Escalating the sitch needlessly isn’t wise.


Can’t add much to the cautions already given. Keep trying when safe, hopefully sooner rather than later, this crap will end.

It could turn into a contest on the construction site…

“Yo, Geno, how many yellow citation cahds did you get today?! I got three! Tomorrow I’ll see if I can get foah!”


Maybe men could hand these out to other men to call out others?


… if you’re in Canada. I imagine the odds of a police officer in the US rolling their eyes and moving on if they saw such a thing here.

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I don’t think this card would stop someone who’s stupid, insensitive, and brazen enough to catcall. Catcallers want attention, and stopping to hand over a card only feeds into the catcaller’s agenda. If you’re a woman, then the best thing is to totally ignore the cat calling bonehead. That way, the catcaller doesn’t get to have a better, closer look at his victim, and ignoring him sends the message that he’s a zero and a total loser.


I recall a story about the year they tried something like that at Defcon, with predictable results.–-we-need-talk


Would be likely to incite an altercation if not an outright fight. The issue is not the people trying to issue the citation, it’s the guys exhibiting toxic masculinity, plus if they’re going as far as to harass women in public they likely have shitty social awareness and i would assume they would react poorly when called out. So safety of bystanders should be taken into account.

Mind you i’m not saying this is a problem that we can’t touch. This is an issue that for sure needs addressing, and the more these kinds of guys are publicly shamed as we’ve been seeing lately maybe that will give them reason to stop. Whatever the solution needs to be i’m on board.


on lower boradway nyc, they’ll need to shoot those cards out of those t-shirt guns that i’ve seen on the simpsons. or did that shit disappear along with the rest of old new york?

I think “repeated stun gun to the balls” would leave more of an impact.

You’re giving them a reaction. You’re giving them a response. Don’t. You must ignore them; you must. Otherwise they win. Treat them like cars honking on the street. Treat them like subways rattling by on the elevated. Treat them like background noise to be automatically filtered out. Pretend they must be talking to someone else across the street. Do whatever you need to do to keep them on the other side of your firewall.

Is this in the USA? I thought that they already had a catcalling deck there, manufactured by Smith & Wesson.

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