Catchy song about Kansas City features several BMW R90S in Silver Smoke

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I wasn’t aware that women in lederhosen (or some northern european traditional clothing) were useful for pulling sleighs…


Having lived in Germany in the early 80s (though never having encountered the Les H Singers) it me approximately half a second to recognize this as the work of the German pop musik industrie. The low rent production values, the peppy “rock-like” arrangement and the choral vocals took me right back to the weird and wonderful world of what I call volkspop - the aggressively middle of the road attempt to be inoffensive to Oma, yet rock enough for the kids to tolerate.


Thanks for the explanation, I was wondering where this came from and why. The seemingly random assortment of props and costumes made me feel like this was some weird extended skit from “Who’s Line is it Anyways?”. The aggressive pans and zooms were also giving me a little motion sickness.


Does anyone have a link to Kraftwerk’s recording of “I-435”?

Every time I look at a motorbike and have these two reactions, within seconds of each other:

  • Aaagh, what an ugly ugly bike!
  • Ah, ok, I can see why they did that, from an engineering angle. But man, so very ugly!

…it’s a BMW. Every damn time.

That BMWs have those nice center stands could be a factor in selecting them for shots of people sitting in riding position.

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