Category Suggestion: Maker Stuff

I think it’d be cool if we could have a category on the bbs for boingers to be able to show off bits n bobs that they have made. Electronic gizmos, crafty things, anatomical crochets…

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I think the plan was to later decide on categories based on topics you guys and gals create.

You should fee free to post any Maker Stuff topics now in the uncategorized category and we can always recategorize later, when a category emerges.

Yes there is a bit of chicken and egg here, with creating categories in advance.

I encourage everyone who wants to create a topic, and has a good reason for creating a topic, to do so! Then it will be easier to see what categories make sense.

i like the idea of a Makers topic. always seems like one of my favorite bits of BB.

i think having a handful of general topics like this will be helpful for new (and experienced) posters, and will save you the headache of a roundup later in the game. ones that you know are standard hot topics fromthe page itself would be a great place to start, and if others emerge, then play them by ear.