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I have constant incredibly violent fantasies about killing the rich that stole the world, and condemning the “centrists” that paved their road with handwringing and equivocation to eternal shame. I hope every day that someone will finally start killing hedge-fund managers, c-suite executives who know nothing about their business, and the politicians that dare listen to either of the former. Part of me wonders if people like me are the reason fascism is coming back. Another part wonders if people exactly like me suppressing that violent urge is why fascism ever had a chance to come back.


I’ve been trying not to pay too much attention to the mounting turmoil and unrest in my country. I’ve almost stopped following the news and avoid political conversations with friends and family. Just to stay sane.

Maybe this is accounts the feeling of creeping dread. Or maybe it’s something else


I’m sorry.

I’m sorry, C, for writing letters. You weren’t interested. I ruined the office for you.

I’m sorry, B, for ignoring you. I’m sorry that I prioritized the game above us. I’m still shaking from the voicemail.

I’m sorry, friends, for letting my emotions cloud my judgment. It destroyed what we built. And it was my fault. I’m sorry.

I’m sorry.


Just stopped by to see the old place, happy to see a little of the anarchy still here. Keep at it @Catharsis.


I’m not sure who you are, but I’m sure I would miss you being here here if I did.


Nearly swallowed my Spry chewing gum over that one.


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