Catholic church allowed celebrity priest to minister after groping woman


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Opus Dei is basically “all the things that creep people out about the Catholic Church” distilled into its purest form. There’s a reason Dan Brown made them the villains in The Da Vinci Code.


The church is on pretty solid ground if it argues that this priest didn’t receive any special treatment due to fame or connections. They treated him just like they would have any other priest, apparently.



Why is the Catholic church allowed to exist?


But hey, they’re standing up for immigrants at the border, so…


Why are school sports programs allowed to exist? Or olympic sports programs? Or protestant churches? Or the police? Or patriarchal societies for that matter?


Not a religion. A cult.

Makes sense now right?


Came here for the cilice reference, was not disappointed. Perhaps if these sexually abusive priests had to wear them around their dicks as punishment there might be less of this going on.

And a criminal racket, as well, with its own form of omerta.


Not to be confused with the other terrifying “Christian” Washington nasties.


Because it is one of those things that banning tends to cause more problems than it solves. Think through the history of how banning a religion tends to go over, then stop to consider that you are talking about the world’s largest religious organization. The best case scenario is that you remove the recourse for their victims to seek the protection of the state, creating an even stronger environment for abuse, and the possible outcomes get worse from there.


You know where the term “martyr” comes from, right?


The more things change etc.


Opus Dei is? [Citation Needed]


There’s only one “celebrity priest” who matters. . .



Hey, this guy’s an ordained minister; does that count?


I don’t know about that. I was under the impression that molesting adults was pretty much verboten in the church.


“Allowed” does a lot of work there, that I think you may be taking for granted.


Yeah, I get that. But they are so relentlessly evil it makes me want to erase them. I was a victim of that evil.


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