Catholic exorcist explains why he thinks women are more likely to get possessed by demons

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I’ve not read the article or watched the video, but I’m willing to bet the answer is The Exorcist Father Chad Ripperger is a fucking misogynist.


I’m go’n to chalk that up to the dumbest f@cking thing I’ve ever heard a human say.


They honestly “think” that spewing batshit craziness will increase the number of mugs, er, worshipers in their nicely fleeced flock? I mean, seriously, can these creatures even hear what they’re saying?


Satan and all other supernatural beings or spirits are characters from literary fiction. As such they cannot harm you. Anyone who believes they are possessed by such characters need to see a professional mental health expert.


Interesting that he focuses on what he himself seems to think is a symptom (demonic possession) not what he considers the cause (increased vulnerability due to a lifetime of abuse and victimization). Wouldn’t it make more sense to work hard to stop misogyny and the abuse of children? I guess that is harder (and probably less fun to the good Father) than putting on a costume, lighting some incense and getting the opportunity to further abuse a woman.

Ah yes, the devil’s music

Well, obviously - when you are lost and confused about where you are, you will most likely to try to get help determining which way to go, which is going to happen at an intersection of possible routes, or, as we sometimes call them, a crossroads. We know, from science (and TV), that is where demons hang out. So, that checks out.

God these people are exhaustingly stupid


Good dog, we don’t need to make up words for it now.


" Catholic exorcist explains why he thinks women are more likely to get possessed by demons"

“Welp,” the priest said, “their biggest problem is that they’re not men.”


But men are so weak and susceptible that merely being in a band can cause possession…or is he saying that being in a band is a worse thing to happen to someone than being abused.

Yeah, he’s saying the latter for sure, because clearly the catholic church is not all that bothered by it


I know, right? Like, he was so close to understanding that women are more likely to be victims (of abuse, violence, etc.) and also are more likely to internalize that there’s something wrong with THEM as a result, thanks to toxic socialization, instead of allowing themselves to recognize that they’re a good person and the attacker/abuser is the one who is wrong.


Why does he not recognize that the problem is the molester?


Chad Ripperger might be the most molesty name for a man I’ve ever heard. Would you trust Chad Ripperger not to spike your drink?


I really hope he introduces himself everywhere as “The Exorcist Father Chad Ripperger.” It makes me think of “The Virgin Connie Swail.”



“Somebody, put something, somebody put something in my communal wine…” I think it might be Bull Shit.


Obviously, being possessed is not quite the same as being a witch, but I’m still going to link to this amazing recent review of the book about witches.

“Witches are literally the worst thing in the entire universe. Whatever else you are concerned about, there is no way it is anywhere close to as bad as witches. If you had the faintest idea how bad witches really were, you would be freaking out all the time. You need to stop whatever you were doing before and become some kind of witch-minimizer instead.”


Gotta watch out for the obligatory Spooky Gas Station In A Horror Movie


Because the Molesters are all upstanding members of the church community


Putting “Crossroads demon that works as a cashier at a rural gas station” into the inspiration bank


He honestly manages to be worse than I was expecting.

At least a ‘because their wandering wombs make them weak and irrational’ would be merely blinkered nonsense; but this guy goes right to “yeah, 80+ percent of them are women, and the bulk of the cases originate with something awful that was done to them(by perpetrators I’m going to mention only obliquely because reasons); therefor the problem is imaginary monsters(definitely not the real ones that I remain committed to mentioning only obliquely, whose motives and allies need not be discussed because women are just inherently more ‘victimizable’ by nature, not for any sort of social, cultural, or legal reasons, am I right?)”.

Talk about getting this close to recognizing the grim actual problem and then integer-overflowing your way into comforting fantasy land rather than having to think about it too hard.


I know I’m not supposed to slow down and look at the other side of the freeway to see what is going on in that accident, but…

women are more likely to stop and ask a stranger for directions, which makes them more susceptible to meeting demons in the first place

“Honey, we’ve been driving in circles for hours. Why can’t you just stop and ask someone?”

“Listen, sweetheart, we’ve talked about this before. You don’t ask directions because the person you talk to might be a demon who’ll end up possessing you. Father Ripperburger was very clear on this.”

“I just think --”

“If you’re so eager to get to Joe and Marge’s, you ask. Just don’t come crying to me when you start crawling on the ceiling and spitting out pea soup.”