Catholic Nuns in Colombia accused of torturing 60 children in their care

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Jesus Fucking Christ!



Some might argue that Catholic school in and of itself is torture


“And there are demons in this world, and they are men and women like you and I.”


According to authorities, children being cared for by Sor Ines Perez and Rosa Elivra Trochez Joagui of the the Santa Clara Rebirth Home “repeatedly burned [the children] on their hands and had their heads shoved in toilets as a form of punishment,”

As written, this sentence claims that the children are the people responsible for burning the children and having the children’s heads shoved into toilets.


So getting rapped on the knuckles with a wooden ruler isn’t good enough anymore? I tell ya, nuns these days!

Well, seems to me… as an alum of a Catholic elementary school of the early 60’s…that those Colombian Sisters are finally catching up…or are simply going retro for the fun of it. Yeah, every former parochial school kid has tales to tell. I’m not unique.


The preferred term is “enhanced catechism”.


Anything was possible back in the day. Pesky liberal values have ruined all the fun.

The burning is plausible, and horrifying. But I simply can’t help laughing at the image of a nun giving a poor kid a swirlie.

I’d go with a “no, you’re used the wrong definition of ‘suffer’ for the 'suffer the little children’s context”; but I’m actually not sure if an equivalent issue exists in other localizations or whether it’s an artifact of how English has drifted away from the Latin root for that word. Anyone know how it works in Spanish?

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Some Catholic nuns… apparently looked to psychopathic torturer Aunt Lydia in The Handmaid’s Tale for child rearing lessons.

Let’s face it - it was the other way around.



Gandhi studied the Christian beliefs and later stated “I would have become a Christian if it weren’t for the Christians.”


Perhaps I was lucky. Our parochial school was rather progressive. Except for one case involving a lay teacher with anger management problems (a story for another day), our teachers (almost all nuns) were, by and large, pretty cool. We did have one nun in the 5th grade (Sr. Amata) who never smiled and always seemed bothered. We used to call her Sr. Spanish Armada.

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