Catholic priest pointed rifle at 8-year-old boy and threatened to shoot him for liking the wrong sports team

Aw, shucks. Flattery will get you everywhere.

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Well, it’s got the right weather…


Parishioners standing by their priest instead of his alleged child victim? Well that’s a first.


One should note that it was not the child or the child’s family that made the original complaint, either. Rather an unnamed third party who witnessed it. I suppose the details will all come out eventually.


I’ve had personal experience with a victim of violence not coming forward, but the friend they confided in telling their parents and the parents coming forward, at which point the victim steadfastly refused to name the perpetrator. Never underestimate the power of social pressures.

Of course, it’s entirely possible. I guess it comes down to what the kid or the kid’s parents say actually happened. There seems to be multiple witnesses on both sides?

Video proof would be helpful, either way.

Sorry about that Texas thing. It won’t happen again.

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