Catholic priest pointed rifle at 8-year-old boy and threatened to shoot him for liking the wrong sports team


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In all fairness, the kid was a Cowboys fan.


go sports team!


A musket? That he keeps conveniently loaded? Or ornamental?


To be fair that’s not the worst thing a Catholic priest has pointed at an 8-year old.


Assuming he is a Patriots fan?

At any rate, even if it was a Nerf gun, not appropriate behavior.


“My son, the Lord forgives many things. But not Dallas.”


The optics and judgment on display are still pretty bad, but several accounts indicate the boy and his family were laughing before, during, and after the incident.

Just sayin.


Wait - aren’t you in the UK? How do you know about Dallas? Is it that bad that even the UK knows?


If you take any team this seriously you are not a fan you are a lunatic. Fans of that team need to realize that there is a point of going too far in support. Does anyone think that a member of the Giants would be happy if the priest just scarred the kid without a gun?


Seattle’s in the UK? (and wasn’t that a well deserved win yesterday?)

Also, I’ve spent months in Texas.



Is there no justice in the world?


OK - well you said you were English - and have a cricket player avatar - I guess just not IN England.




Just to really rub it in.


Well that’s no crime then. I was afraid the priest liked Dallas!


So says the prosecutors office. Witnesses who are not secret have a different story.




That is terrible! You’re terrible!