Kid cowboys compete for quick draw champ


I understand cowboys today, like those of 200 years ago, do many things besides gunfights. However, glorifying guns is much more popular than glorifying beef.

Ummm… doesn’t red meat kill more people than guns?

And a waiting period to buy a burger counts in minutes.

And there is no background check for burgers. Not even those with added bacon. (Yet. Wait for the do-gooders once payments go all-electronic and linked to identity, to include all sorts of limitations “for our own good”, so you couldn’t buy stuff “bad for you” if your medical records say so. Or if you were caught buying stuff for a third party to work around the restrictions.)

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Beef gun is the new atom bomb.

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Except they aren’t glorifying guns. It’s a sport. It’s one of the many REAL uses of guns people enjoy that hurt no one or no things.

They are probably members of SASS (Single Action Shooting Society) which is has the nick name of “cowboy shooting”. It is a form of action shooting, meaning a course is set up and your score is based on how fast you can hit the targets. Quick draw is one of the types of competition, but there are other games.

Everyone uses the old school single action style pistols, meaning you have to cock the hammer of the gun manually before firing. They also use things like lever action rifles and break action shot guns or some use older designed pump action shot guns.

I have never done SASS, but I had been tempted to register the nick name “Mister.44” in the event that I do. But I have done USPSA, another form of action shooting and it is a lot of fun. People who get really good at it are amazing to watch.


Giving guns to kids - what could go wrong?

We know how stellar the US’s gun death record is…

I’m getting the impression that this wired fixation with guns is some sort of national inferiority complex or some such…

That ain’t no fork in that kid’s hand, bub.

Personally I have no problem with gun sports, until the NRA goes crazy and passes a law like the one they have in Pennsylvania. But here’s a thought experiment: what would happen if the quick-draw champs were black kids?

giving guns to kids - in a well supervised area, with training. what COULD go wrong? they learn how to use a tool, and are comfortable and confident with it. therefore not scared of it.

Yeah, we gotta stop that shit right NOW

(edit) - here is an adult competing in SASS. every gun fired is exact action and function of guns built in 1870s, Single action (you have to pull the trigger each time it goes bang)


Actually, things could go wrong, and in a large-enough sample will go wrong.
But we also have to compare with the situation where the kids won’t get any supervised training and things will go wrong on their own.

There are black people who participate in shooting sports. No one has a problem with that. Who care if someone black wins a competition? WTF does that even mean?

Of course there is a difference between people participating in a sport at a site designed to house it, and just walking around the neighborhood with a gun. Context is everything. These younger kids at this event are trained and supervised.

Also, FYI, guns are always holstered but unloaded. It probably seems odd to you, but in a shooting event it is the safest way to keep everything pointed in a safe direction. You have to keep it holstered until at the line, or in a designated handling area where you would but them back in a case or bag. You don’t load until you are at the firing line.


Not a bit. You seem to think I’m one of those crazed liberals - actually, I’m one of the reasonable ones. Usually.

Like shaddack and myself said: It already did go wrong.

you are so totally correct.

I now see the error of my ways.

I will confine my kid to the house, couch and video game. you know, for safety sake.

thank you for changing my mind over the internet. Well done.

We will add one more kid to the legions of couch potatoes with zero creativity or understanding of risk management. One less kid outdoors is better for a safer society!

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Well I don’t know what your familiarity is. Some people might roll their eyes and assume it is some macho cowboy wanna be thing to walk around with a gun holstered like that. But in an event where you have dozens of people shooting, especially pistols which are really easy to muzzle sweep accidentally, having everyone keeping it in a holster unless at the firing line or in the designated loading area keeps everyone safe.

As for safety in general that others touched one, handling guns is incredibly simple to do in a safe manner. You need to obey 4 simple rules, and if you only obey the first one, you can screw up the other 3 and not hurt anyone.

There are a lot of sports that are dangerous. Kids get killed or broken bones or concussions skiing, skateboarding, football, bike riding, go kart racing, what ever. Seems like at least once a year I hear of a kid getting hit in the chest or head with a baseball and killed.

But anyway, something like an organized sport is very safe. They work very hard to make it so, with range officers watching your every move. And they are extremely strict. You break the invisible 180 degree plane once and you are disqualified and go home.

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Everything you do can (and will) go wrong, including doing nothing.

The insane safety rules for children at swimming pools just shift the drownings into later age and different areas, when people repelled from the pools at early age and now unfamiliar with water get exposed to it. Just one of the examples from less controversial contexts.

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I don’t think Shaddack is in agreement with you the way your statement makes me think you think he is.

We’ll just keep going wrong until everybody else understands we were right all along :smile:
yeeehaw! I don’t CAS, but maybe when I’m retired I will, do they have a .22lr division?

It’s a long and messy process, killing someone with a burger. Crispy bacon helps for a while but I usually give up trying to cut them with it and just suffocate with the bun.

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You monster! Is there nothing you won’t do?

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One of them goes by the name of Pork Rind. That’s all kinds of awesome.