Catholic priest who wants to prevent Biden from receiving communion resigns in sex scandal


Sure. An omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent being is thwarted by birth control. Who knew latex rubber was god’s kryptonite? Because as I seem to recall, last time their deity really wanted a woman pregnant, he didn’t let a little inconvenience such as virginity stop him.


Ditto holier-than-thou politicians, especially (but not limited to) right-wing pols.


Is everyone just going to skim over the fact that a religious institution was attempting to coerce an elected official over a specific policy goal? Should that not have some sort of effect on their religious exemptions?


You are a true student of The One True Holy Catholic And Apostolic Church


His church is very much anti gay. So there’s that. He’s also a hypocrite.


This guy is not just gay. He’s anti-gay in his public life. He is anti-trans in his public life. He is anti-abortion in his public life. He is worse than a hypocrite: he’s a massive hypocrite with Venus envy.


All churches that meddle with politics should be taxed, preferably out of existence.


The problem with IVF in the Church is not that it separates reproduction from sex. The problem with IVF is that it (as practiced) necessarily creates additional embryos that will end up being destroyed.


My first read of the article had me seeing “perfect and perpetual incontinence”. :upside_down_face:


no just a regular ol’ bible-humper

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Men, women, yourself. All are on the list of people that Catholic priests* are not supposed to have sex with. It’s a pretty absurd rule, but that’s the club he joined.

*somehow it’s okay to have an exception for Eastern Rite catholic priests to have sex with their wives. Unalterable rules are rules unless they aren’t.


And the one he sells [Catholicism] as he tr0llz for sex with men and he makes public decrees regarding other humans, it’s f’ing ridiculous to parse the details, on any level.


Right. Hell, I’m not even supposed to have sex with my own wife, because she was married for a couple of years before she married me. That puts me out of communion with the Church. Although I mostly am adrift from the Church – because of the terrible faith formation visited upon me in in a sort of 1970s East Bay, post-Vatican II, hippy-dippy catechism (spoiler alert: The central tenant of Catholicism is not, in fact, I’m Okay, You’re Okay) – I still think of myself as culturally Catholic. And in some ways, I miss it.

But what I don’t do is bitch about the rules. This guy should be tossed out and President Biden should be denied communion. For exactly the same reason I am denied communion – we’re way outside the tenants of the Church.

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That’s tenets.


Indeed it is! Thank you!

Reminds me of my latest fight with the English language, which is that people use the term heir apparent when they really mean heir presumptive.. That is, Kamala Harris is not the heir apparent to Biden, she is – at best – the heir presumptive. Heirs Apparent get the job unless they die. Heirs Presumptive will get the job unless someone better comes along.

Straight up grody. Par for the Catholic course.


Also OK for married Anglican/Episcopalian priests who convert to Catholicism: they get to be re-ordained in the Catholic Church (or possibly have their previous ordination validated/verified, I’m not 100% clear on the technical details) and to stay married in a full and physical sense.

I think this a Church law vs divine law kind-of-thing: the former can be waived/bent, the latter can’t.

I seem to recall reading somewhere that the split between East and West vis-á-vis clerical celibacy was because the East had a cash economy, and could thus pay its priests a salary, while the West didn’t, and had to give its priests parcels of land to support themselves. Allowing priests to marry meant they had sons, who would then try to claim the land and the job of priest that went with it as their inheritance, reducing the Church’s control over who got to be a priest.


People that preach in politicized churches often complain that the government prohibits them from endorsing candidates from the pulpit. You are of course completely free to endorse any political candidate in church. You can call you chosen politician an angel and the one you dislike the devil if you wish…UNLESS you want to be a tax exempt organization. There ARE laws regulating political activities by tax exempt organizations. So when religious leaders complain about government regulating their political speech, what they are REALLY saying is that they care more about money than their freedom of speech.


Although the logic of this is similar to the no divorce rule. Holy Orders and Matrimony are sacraments and there is no sacrament to “undo.” them. So once they decided that the Anglican church could actually PERFORM those sacraments, then it follows that converts ARE married priests, because the Catholic church can neither “un-priest” or “un-marry” them.


Assuming, of course, that the Catholic Church considers Anglican orders valid, which I don’t think it did when I was a member in good-ish standing: there were questions about the continuity of the Apostolic Succession. I don’t know if its stance has changed since then.

ETA: matrimony is different again, because it is a sacrament conferred by a baptised Christian couple on each other under the rites of their denomination. So if a Lutheran couple get married before a Lutheran minister in a Lutheran ceremony, they are sacramentally married in the eyes of the Catholic Church.