Catnado strikes Britain




And here I am working on my Piranha Fog screenplay and out-stranged again by truth.


People with cats can correct me but I call BS on the flying cats story.

Howling wind, rain, hail and 4 cats just happened to stay out in the middle of that mess to get picked up by the wind and spun around 6ft off the ground? All the cats I know would be scrunched up somewhere trying not to get drenched or injured by hail stones.

I don't buy it.


Syfy will pay you middling money for that script!


Ah, reminds me of the great earthquake with radioactive hurricane chaser of 2011 documented by boingboing...


Nope. Probably not. In places where actual killer tornados happen, cats get picked up usually don't survive it. Wind funnels usually cut a very defined path, so this cat gets picked up, and that one is just fine, this house destroyed, the one next door gets not a scratch. I've actually watched a piano roll end over end across a field while in bed, in a brick house that was simultaneously getting knocked right off its foundations. The house 30 feet away? Nothing. It's a literal freak of nature thing.


Kriste. That triggered my vertigo before I could scroll past it. frowning


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